I experienced my first accidental orgasm when I was about 13 while reaching across our large dining room table dusting and polishing it. At the time I didn’t understand why the exciting sensation but from then on I must have rubbed against everything that didn’t move.

Neither sex nor masturbation was ever mentioned by my Mother but she indoctrinated me touching down there was a no-no. Fortunately I was introduced to a Amateur Girl Pussy by a close female friend when I was probably 17 but I still felt guilty using my fingers.

I continued masturbating using only my vibrator during my sexually unexciting first marriage until my second husband finally brought me to a fantastic orgasm using his fingers.

I’ve been using my fingers (and other things) ever since. However I always keep my handy vibrator plugged in, especially when hubby isn’t around and I’m in the mood for a quick one.

Regardless of my age, orgasms seem more intense as time goes by. How often do I masturbate? Whenever it crosses my mind, which is usually several times a day unless hubby is home and wants to watch or masturbate and cum with me.